Marine Corps Nursing Careers. Perhaps The Best Military To Civilian Career Today! Can You Qualify?

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Serving in the Marine Corps as a nurse you will discover new meaning for the term teamwork. You will have an opportunity to work side by side with medical professionals, in a variety of situations helping patients. You will be serving in a position of respect and honor, serving your country while you advance your professional skills. It is Marine Corps career that is rewarding and challenging, and you have the additional respect of being able to serve as a commissioned Marine Corps officer.

Incredible Demand For Nurses In The Civilian World!

Every Nurse in the Unites States Marine Corps is a Commissioned Navy Officer. Your opinion will be relied upon to give patients improved care, and you will work with other medical professionals using state of the Art facilities, materials and technology. You will have the ability to work with patients on a one to one basis, and connect with them. You will get to know many of your patients, the brave Marines and Sailors and their dependents serving in the War on Terror, who have responded to the call to serve and defend their country. Joining the Marine Corps Nursing program means joining a rich heritage that is designed to deal with patients one on one. You will work with fellow nurses, cardiologists, therapists, physicians and surgeons, and work together to formulate patient care plans. With the advent of technology you will be able to give a higher level of care than many situations in the civilian sector. The Marine Corps has programs for nursing dealing with many different specialties. You will be able to choose your Marine Corps-nursing specialty from among areas such as: performing Critical Care, dealing with Obstetrics/Gynecology. Working with General Medicine/General Surgery and assisting in Pediatrics. You will be trained in Emergency Room and Trauma Medicine Recovery Room/Post-Anesthesia and patient Preoperative Care. You will stand rotations in Psychiatry, Neurosurgery and Oncology.

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It does not matter where you are at in your nursing career, a student nurse or a full licensed nurse working in the field; there is a program in the Marine Corps that can help. There are generous financial assistance, and lucrative scholarships that are available, as well as continuing education programs. There are bonuses for up to $25,000 dollars for nurses joining the Marine Corps, and also programs for nurses currently going to school. In addition there are opportunities in the Marine Corps ROTC program especially for nursing students. The Naval Reserve Officer program for nurses can provide up to $180,000 dollars toward college tuition, books and all fees. You can work toward a four-year degree and then serve as a Marine Corps nurse.




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military dot image tom    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up46 Thumb down15

I am a prior service Nurse Corps Offcer (O-3) who resigned commision. Now, 44 yo finishing FNP post masters what am I qualified for if I am granted an age waiver? IE Bonuses/tuition student loan payments/Rank?
How is this different from regular Navy NC service vs “Marine Corps Nurse Sevice”?

military dot image Skyler Glahn    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up45 Thumb down12

I am Schuyler Glahn, I’m 17 from Owensboro Kentucky. I am very interested in the Marine Corps, and i was hopeing to find a medical based job within the Corps. My grandfather was a medic in the U.S. Army in Korea and i very much would liek to follow in his footsteps. However, I want to step it up and join the best of the best. Is there any type of feild nursing jobs, jobs kind of like a civilian E.M.T would do or are the nursing jobs all based in a feild hospital? I have been doing intence physical training for teh past two years in preperation for teh Corp, but only recently have I decided on a job path to take once enlisted. I also plan on becoming an Officer after getting college sufficiant credits, which hopefuly would make me elligable for a wider range of jobs, but I am not sure on the way things work entirely so a reply to this letter with some information on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Sincerely: Schuyler Glahn

military dot image Andiee    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up142 Thumb down53

my name is andrea zybowski. Can i Join the marines and just be a nurse or do I have to go through the boot camp.

military dot image Samantha Saulmon    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up36 Thumb down21

It is my dream to be a nurse for the service! Navy or Marine!

military dot image elizabeth muntes    Poorly-rated. Like or Dislike: Thumb up14 Thumb down22

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military dot image hollie mullenex    Poorly-rated. Like or Dislike: Thumb up7 Thumb down10

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military dot image RW    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up6 Thumb down3

Interested in receiving info concerning Marine Corps nursing.

military dot image Anna    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up12 Thumb down10

I am Italian and living in England at the moment,I am a 1st year student nurse and I was wondering once qualified,will it there a possibility for me to work as a nurse for the US Marines or only American citizens are allowed to do that?
Kind regards Anna

military dot image marie lottering    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up6 Thumb down7

Hi there, i am a 21 year old South African woman and would like more information on joining the us millitary i am very interested in the marine corps.

military dot image robert burkeen    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up10 Thumb down2

can I do the bootcamp an take training to become nursing officer?

military dot image Jennifer Perkins    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up25 Thumb down20

I am a 32 yo female with an associates in nursing I also have a family but aminterested injoining abranch of themilitary toget a jump start in my training . What is the yearly salary, housing allowance, and do I go through boot camp?

military dot image rebecca bitner    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up7 Thumb down4

hi im very interesting working with or in the armed forces such as the marines. I am mostly thinking of doing nursing and would like to still do boot camp if it is possable? right now i have yet to graduate, am in my senior year of high school and am also 17.

other than nursing im interested in EMT paramedic programs
wouldnt mind flying choppers.

i used to want to be a fighter pilot but my eyesight is apparently not able to meet the qualifications

military dot image Paola    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up17 Thumb down4

Hi, my name Is Paola, I am from Bolivia, but I am not an american citizen, and I am currently studying in France. I was wondering if I could join the navy as a nurse. Thank you for your time and help.

military dot image Danile    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up18 Thumb down4

I wanna do nursing but I also wanna be a Marine as well knowing I would be taking care of friends and other soldiers yet serving my country at the same time was always a dream of mine but I still wanna be classified as a Marine I wanna do the bootcamp and basic trainning as well if Im going be a marine I want to have the same experince and trainning I want to earn my place as a Marine like everyone else.

military dot image Cris    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up6 Thumb down3

Ive been here in the states since 2003. I finished my associates degree in nursing here also and currently working as a registered nurse in the hospital. i only have a working visa. i am not a us- citizen nor i have a green card. am i qualified to join or do i need to have at least a green card or a bachelor’s degree?

military dot image arin    Thumb up4 Thumb down1

Cris, your education shouln’t be a problem. if you don’t meet schooling requirements then the military may likely pay for you to finish your degree.
Not sure about the citizenship requirement. I was under the impression citizenship was required but someone informed me otherwise. The best way for you to be sure is to contact a recruiter and ask him directly.

military dot image Jacob    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up5 Thumb down3

I will graduate from nursing school soon and was wondering if it was possible for me to join the Marines Corp as a nurse? Is it possible?

military dot image Charlotte    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up17 Thumb down3

I was wondering, in order to become a Nurse for the Marines, do you have to go through all the stuff that regular Marines do? Because Im not sure if I could do that. But I am currently in the beginning of my schooling for nursing, but would like to serve my country as well.

military dot image Tom    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up6 Thumb down4

My father served in Korea as a civilian under the Marine Corp nursing program. I would like to know more about this program, he was shot down and a sole survivor of 9 in the crash. He has been fighting for a pension after years in both the Air Force and Army. He has other service related injuries, and should have recieved a medical discharge. It has now been 7 years and still no answer. I would love to know if there were any other non-service member nurses in Korea.

military dot image Taryn    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up13 Thumb down2

Does the marines have a nurse corps? or do we have to enroll in the navy nurse corps?

military dot image yeny    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up19 Thumb down2

do i have to go to boot camp or do any type of combat to be a Nurse for the Marine Corps.? i

military dot image Keegan    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up6 Thumb down0

Do the Marines have their own nursing, or is it just through the Navy? If so, where can I find more information on Marine/Navy Nursing?

Thanks, Keegs.

military dot image Kevin    Thumb up3 Thumb down0

Every Marine goes through boot camp no matter what your MOS will be after. You have to go through basic training that’s why it is called BASIC training. every marine also goes to SOI (school of infantry) some go through a shorter version depending on your MOS.

military dot image Clarivel    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up5 Thumb down0

My passion is to become a nurse. What better way to give back to this country than to heal our Military men and women.
I currently work for local government and about to get my BA degree in business. I’ve been trying to look for schools who offer nursing training, but of course I would be a beginner and most of these schools require an LVN or RN. Any suggestions?

military dot image Alex    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up7 Thumb down0

If you become a nurse and decide to join the Marines you will not be able to practice your profession because the Marines do not have a medical field. Marines utilize the navy for all their medical needs since technically the Marines are a Department of the Navy. So if you decide you want to be a nurse for the Marines you will be joining the Navy taking care of both Marines and Sailors. If you are a Marine or Sailor you can apply for the Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program where they will send you to nursing school for 3 years and become an Ensign upon completion. I am currently an Active Duty Marine participating in this program and upon completion i have to switch over to the Navy. During the program you get full pay and benefits and may use military gi bill benefits to pay for school.

military dot image Shelby    Thumb up2 Thumb down2

Hey ya’ll i am really thinking about being a nurse for the Marine Corps/Navy Courses. I am still enlisted in school as a Sophomore but i am taking a lot of interest in being a nurse, I have always wanted to be a nurse since i was little and I also have friends and I used to have family in it so I was thinking why not be there for the people who serve us? So i thought of being a nurse for them! I need way more information about this choice and i was wondering if anybody could give me that… if so you can reach me at
Thank You :)

military dot image Maritza    Thumb up3 Thumb down1

Hi i was wondering if i could get more information about being a nurse for the Marine Corps

military dot image Grace    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up7 Thumb down3

Can I just be a Marine Nurse and not go through the boot camp???

military dot image shelsa millien    Thumb up1 Thumb down3

I really want to know more about the marine Corps/ Navy course I wanted to know more about the program and what i need to qualify
if some one can please get back with me that will be greatly appreciated.

military dot image Katie    Thumb up1 Thumb down2

I was interested in becoming a nurse/medic for the Marines, do I have to have any previous Nursing education? Or will the military send me to school for it? Also I presume that I would have to go through boot camp but is there any other type of training I would have to complete or go through?

military dot image Claudia flores    Thumb up2 Thumb down2

what do you need to be in the marine corps nursing?

military dot image Ryan Chavez    Thumb up2 Thumb down2

Im looking in to the Marines because I’ve always wanted to be in the Marines but all my schooling is medical I have my EMT-I is there a way i can go in to the Marines and cross train with the Navy to be a corpsman? Also if i want to go to Marine OCS could i stay in the Marines and work in the medical field as an officer or do i just have to go to the Navy?

military dot image steph    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up5 Thumb down0

what does it take to serve as a nurse at the Marine Corps?

military dot image Brittani    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up5 Thumb down0

How do i sign up to do this?
I am 18 and am really looking for a career in nursing. The fact that i could help my country in the process excites me.
And also what does it take to serve as a marine nurse? is there a bootcamp or something along those lines?

military dot image Chelsea    Thumb up3 Thumb down2

Hi I am Chelsea, I am currently a sophomore in high school, but i would like to pursue my dream and join the marines/navy medical corps. my brother is currently in the army and is serving us in Iraq, I would like to some what follow in his foot steps. I would like to start as soon as possible and get into training. Please contact me with any information at Thanks

military dot image laura rodriguez    Thumb up3 Thumb down1

am a junior in high school and i am interested in becoming a marine nurse …i am in MCJROTC right now … what things do i need to qualified….citizenship?? and i was wondering do i need to go though boot camp ?? i would like to work as intensive care or something similar to that but only with a specific group of people ….i think that if i work hard and not quit i can become a marine nurse.. please contact me another mail is

military dot image Nasjala    Thumb up1 Thumb down1

Do I have to go through boot camp to be a office worker in the marines ?

military dot image brenda    Thumb up3 Thumb down1

hi my name is brenda am mexican living in el centro california and i would like to join the marines nursing once i graduate i just want information to know more about it.

military dot image Anna    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up11 Thumb down0

Im 16 years old. Im a junior in high school. I am going to graduate in June of 2012. When i graduate i would like to pursue a career as becoming a nurse in the Marines. I have not been involved in any ROTC programs or contacted a recruiter for my area. My main question what are the main steps or preparation that i need to be aware of?

military dot image Nicolle    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up5 Thumb down0

I am a registered nurse with my associates degree.i just graduated nursing school. I am very eager to join and work as a nurse caring for soliders. I live in new jersey but am willing to travel. I want to further my education and get my bachelors and more in time. Now I want to gain experience and knowledge in my field through the US military please send me all/ any info on how to enlist. Looking forward to starting my career.

military dot image Kiashii    Thumb up4 Thumb down3

can i work for the marine corps just being a cna?

military dot image Patricia Pickett    Thumb up3 Thumb down0

I have been a nurse for 22 years. I am very good at my job. I am highly confident and I am looking for a new challenge. I know I am well past the 29 year old cut off date for enlistment at 47 years old. However, I am also aware that under certain circumstances a waiver can be allowed. I am looking for that waiver. I am divorced and my children are all adults. I can devote my every waking moment to the Corp. It is what I desire to do. I need this and I would be an extremely valuable asset to the corp. It would be a huge mistake on your part to dismiss me due to my age. I expect to hear from you forthwith.


Patricia Oickett

military dot image maria    Thumb up2 Thumb down1

hi my name is maria, i been taken a few classes for the nursing program but im interested to join the marine nursing and keep studying and hopefully become a nurse and serve my country.. what do i need to do to join in?

military dot image dominique    Thumb up2 Thumb down1

is there an position called a marine nurse ? or is there another name ?

military dot image nikhil    Thumb up2 Thumb down1

am indian.. l finished gnm course . and now am tring to join marine feild as a nurse

military dot image 2nd year BSN    Thumb up1 Thumb down2

everyone who joins the US military must go through boot camp regardless of age or rank. This is where everyone learns the meaning of teamwork and how to be both a leader and follower. it is much harder for those who are non-us citizens to join due to the increase of actual citizens applying in the many branches. I myself plan on joining as soon as I am finished with my college. Being a graduate of BSN is completely different from just a regular RN your are train in all fields pertaining to a nurse. Joining the military is not for the faint of heart especially the marines. There they WILL break you to make you fit to barre the marine name. As for the age aspect of the military the younger the better. even if get a wavier you will not be excuse from PT otherwise they will remove you. but the older CNA or RN may apply as a nursing instructor. if there are further questions please just post and i will try my best to answer them. remember your are not in the Marines you ARE a MARINE

military dot image Cayla    Thumb up1 Thumb down1

Hi, My name is Cayla I am a senior in highschool and planning for my future. I am greatly interested in serving my country as a nurse but I had a few questions. Do I have to go through boot camp? after graduation what schooling do I need? how can I start to prepare? Is there anyone specific I can contact for more information about this?
Thank you for your time!

Cayla T.

military dot image Desiree Guerra    Thumb up2 Thumb down1

Hi im Desiree, im 16 and i would love to be a marine or navy nurse. I would like to know how i can be a part of this and i also want to know if i am suppost to go through the boot camp procedure in order to be a nurse.

military dot image Kendyl hutcherson    Thumb up1 Thumb down3

Hi my name is kendyl , and I wanted to know a few things , such as will I have to go to nursing school before becoming a marine nurse/ navy nurse ? will I have to go to boot camp or any type of training if so about how long will it take before I can acually start ? Who can I call for more info ?

military dot image Meaghan    Thumb up2 Thumb down0

My Name is Meaghan. I’m 17 years old right now. im going into my senior year of high school. i’v always wanted to become a nurse. trying to drift toward becoming an RN. i am currently in a CNA class through my high school. im going into my second year of it. i will become a CNA by the end of this year. I am giving this a very deep though of joining. but im confused on some things. what are the requirements join? and would i have to go through boot camp to become a military nurse? would i need nursing school? i hope someone can help me find these answers. thank you!

military dot image Megan    Thumb up1 Thumb down0

You have to have your bachelors degree in nusing before you can work in any branch of the military’s nurse corps. you have to have recieved the bachelors degree from a school that meets that branch’s requirements. Once you have your bachelors degree you can enlist and you will be automatically sent to officer’s training and be an officer in the military.

military dot image muhammad rafiq    Thumb up1 Thumb down2

i am a male registered nurse.can i join the us military??

military dot image emmanuel    Thumb up1 Thumb down0

my dream is to become a marine nurse, but i don’t know how to go about it. i need to know more about this opportunity. the educational qualifications and all it entails to be able to be a marine nurse. as a nigerian, do i have the opportunity to work as a marine nurse in the united states of america.
i’ll be expecting your reply

military dot image Noby kurian    Thumb up0 Thumb down2

am a 4th yr student nurse . i wanted to become a marine nurse soon after finishing this course so wat i need to do afte rfinishing my course

military dot image mara    Thumb up2 Thumb down0

hi my name is mara i am a student at cayon springs high school im only 16 years old and i’ve been intersting in becoming a marine nurse i was wondering if there is anything espesific that i need to do in becoming a marine nurse and if there is i would like to know what it takes to become and marine nurse?

military dot image Dee    Thumb up0 Thumb down0

Hey, I am 16 and two years from graduating from high-school but am looking into becoming a military nurse. What are the requirements? Would I go through boot camp?
Thanks- Dee

military dot image Whitney Hall    Thumb up0 Thumb down0

Hey, I’m Whitney and I’m almost 16 years old. I would love to join the military and be a nurse. Either the Marines or Army. I just dont know the requirements. I think it would be great for me. My brother is a Marine and graduated last October. I dont wanna follow him I just want to achieve my goal by joining the military.

military dot image Julianne    Thumb up0 Thumb down0

I am a 46 year old RN BSN with 17years experience. I really want to join the military and work on a resiliency team. Is there any hope for my dream?

military dot image Ally    Thumb up0 Thumb down0

Hi, I’m Ally, I’m 16 years old and currently a junior in high school. I always wanted to be on a pathway towards music and business. And then I met my boyfriend of two years, who is infact enlisting to be a marine. I didn’t make the choice to want to nursing in the marines, but the I needed to find a solution that was suitable and would work for both of us. I’ve been reading quite deeply into this and actually have become extremely interested in doing this, however, I would like some advice of some seasoned nurses and would like to hear some of their stories and even children of these people as well. I want to know exactly what I’m getting into and a website can only give you a basic insight of a subject. And I want the nitty gritty, not a cookie cutter, sugar coated explanation on salary and schooling. That stuff is important too, but that’s not why I want to get into it. I like helping and meeting people. I want to be someone that the doctor or surgeon or patient can rely on and know I’ll be there at all times for them. I know I’m just a 16 year old and I have a whole life ahead of me, but I want to know what that life will entail before I change it so dramatically.

military dot image M K Nunley    Thumb up0 Thumb down0

I have been in the Navy Nurse Corps for 24+ years after 8 years in Civilian Nursing.

FYI, the Army, Navy & Air Force have Nurse Corps Officers. Navy Nurses support the Marines. The US Coast Guard does not have Nurses. A BSN is required to get into any of the services at this time.

Officer Development School (in the Navy) is the first step (after being recruited & commissioned) into the Nurse Corps.

It is not as tough as boot camp, and some refer to it as “Knife & Fork” school, as you will be initiated into the military traditions, wearing the uniform, etc.


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military dot image amber darrough    Thumb up0 Thumb down0

I am a 17 year old and a junior at Burbank High School in California. I recently became interested in being an marine or army nurse. I have been interested in being a nurse for awhile but Im really interested in this. I would really appreciate some information on this. Thank you, amber

military dot image hugeboobgirls    Thumb up0 Thumb down0

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military dot image brittany    Thumb up0 Thumb down0

hiii, i really wanna be a nurse in the marines, to help the marines that get hurt when i graduate next year…. im in a nursing program now. ……

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My brother suggested I may like this website. He was totally right. This post truly made my day. You can not believe simply how a lot time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

military dot image Lauren    Thumb up0 Thumb down0

What are the degree requirements? I have a bachelor of arts (non-nursing) and I am currently enrolled in an associate degree of nursing program and will be a RN when I graduate. I did not pursue my BSN because (1) I already have a bachelors degree and (2) I can directly enter into a MSN program someday without it since I have a non-nursing bachelors degree.

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military dot image Joe    Thumb up0 Thumb down1

What planet are you folks on? There is no such thing as a USMC Nurse corp Marines are seen at mostly US NAVAL hospitals by NAVY medical staff Medics in Combat units are USN Corpsman Direct Commission Officers such as Nurses Doctors and lawyers do not go through basic training or Boot camp in any service unless of course they are prior service and have already gone thorugh such training go to the US NAVY, US ARMY or US Airforce websites to learn about careers in those services The US Coast Guard does nto have a Nursing Corp but they do have enlisted medical posiotions they also may get service at US NAVY medical facilities

military dot image Retired USN Nurse    Thumb up2 Thumb down0

As a retired United States Navy Nurse Corps Commander you should know that there is NO SUCH THING as a Marine Corps Nurse. Navy Nurse Corps Officers are commissioned officers in the United States Navy, and after you finish or have a BSN you go to Officer Indoctrination School (which was 6 weeks when I went in 1981) to learn more about the Navy, it’s history and what you need to know to be an Officer. Making wild statements that have no basis is just as bad as telling a falsehood. STOP saying that there is such a thing as a Marine Corps Nurse!!

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military dot image peter kenneth    Thumb up1 Thumb down0

oh i think it is a great opportunity … thank you for the quality post :)

military dot image alicia rodgers    Thumb up2 Thumb down0

Hi, i am 16 and i would like to become a marine corps part time nurse when i graduaate high-school. what are the requierments to do so?

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hi, im 15 yo and i was just wondering what it would take to a full time nurse for the marines. im looking forward to serving my country in any way possible.

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Hi am professional nurse working in clinic 30years old n I’m interested in joining the army.

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This article is very misleading. You cannot be a nurse in the Marine Corps.
You will be a Navy nurse and take care on Marines but the Marines depend on the Navy for medical care..
There is no such thing as a nurse or any other medical personal in tje Marines.

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The Marines do not have a Nurse Corps. Only the Army, Air Force and Navy have Nurse Corps.

Nurses are Officers, which means that you would need to go to a civilian university and graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing if you want to be a Nurse in the Army, Navy, or Air Force. You would have to go to civilian nursing school because none of the branches educate or train you to be a nurse.

Nurses do not go through the traditional “boot camp” that enlisted go through. Nurses go to their respective branch’s Officer Basic course…lots of classroom time meant to familiarize you with the military and your expected role as an Officer and Leader. There will be physical fitness time ever day, and going to the field to learn for example how to fire a weapon, rappel from a tower, read a map, use your gas mask in the gas chamber, other things that I just can’t think of at the moment. You get screamed at, but not too much and it isn’t that bad. They aren’t doing it to hurt your feelings…well, not most of the time lol. They just want to make sure they are effectively communicating important info.

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WOW i would really love to become a nurse for the army or marines, i wuold be honored to help the soilders that serve our contry . <3

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We need more people like you! Thank you Jade!

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hi I am 15 and a sophomore in highschool and I am very intrested In marine crop nursing. But do I have to take bootcamp or anything to be in it? I would like to know more

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Hi Tomi, it is very wise of you to begin asking questions and doing your research now rather than later. I would call your local Marine branch recruiter and ask them to send you as much info as they can on nursing. Great to have colorful brochures that will likely give you more info than you would know to ask. And while on the phone with your recruiter, ask him about bootcamp. Keep in mind, that by the time you enlist, it could all change again. Life can be a moving parade. Especially, military enlistment requirements. My best, Larry

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