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The US Army Maybe The Worlds Finest: Army careers and opportunities are vast. The US Army and Army Reserve is the mainstay of the United States military’s land operations. Since its birth as the Continental Army in the late 1700’s, the US Army has embarked on a wide variety of missions that encompass the world.

Army soldiers have defeated America’s enemies, quelled foreign conflicts, and brought relief to poverty-stricken countries. The Army along with Army Reserve primarily consists of infantry, but also requires many support roles. These include support vehicles, tanks, artillery and indirect-fire support, medical teams, pilots, and a wide array of other specialties that utilize the highest level of technology. Click Here For Free Army Info.
The US Army provides a soldier with two major options: Active Duty or Army Reserve. Active Duty is the traditional US Army career that requires full-time commitment. Joining the Army Reserve is a part-time commitment that allows you to work in your community and only serve full-time when your service is needed. The Army Reserve is a way for a soldier to stay focused on a civilian career as well as the military.

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Should I Enlist or be Commissioned?: Soldiers in the US Army and Army Reserve are broken up into three main categories: enlisted, warrant officer, and commissioned officer. The majority of US Army soldiers are enlisted personnel, which consists of the ranks of Private up to Sergeant Major of the US Army. Enlisted soldiers specialize in a specific area of knowledge, and carry out the orders of their officers. Warrant officers are similar to commissioned officers, but are knowledgeable in a specific area of expertise. Officers provide leadership to enlisted personnel; depending on their rank, they command a certain unit. There are two ways to become a commissioned officer in the United States Army: taking ROTC in college or attending Officer Candidate School (OCS).
Am I Qualified For The US Army?: Requirements to enlist for Army careers include: 17 to 34 years of age, a high school diploma or equivalent, less than 2 children (if married), and US citizenship (or resident alien under I-551). Upon entry into the service, recruits must pass the ASVAB test (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery). The US Army and Army Reserve also offers several ways to assist soldiers who are seeking a college education, and some can qualify for 100% tuition coverage.Click Here For Free Army Info.

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