Military Careers for Your Future

Planning your future is not an easy task. Many people begin to find their path while they are still in high school. Whether it means moving on to college or going right out and finding a job, it is important that you are headed in the right direction for your future success. Military careers can bring some wonderful opportunities to you that you might not have otherwise had with other situations.

Army jobs as well as every other branch of the service offer the young recruit a chance to begin preparing for a future career that will give him or her an immense amount of satisfaction and pride in the work that they are performing in service to their country.

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Military careers give you a chance to explore the different options that are available to you, including opportunities for an education. The education that you will receive from the military will prepare you for life after the service or for a great career while you are in the service. The choice is yours when you decide on military careers as your opportunity for a bright future. After high school, or even before you finish high school, consider what the military will bring to your life.




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My step-son, age 25 enlisted into the Army and was sent to Fort Benning GA for Basic Training. Before training started he awoke with a migraine headache which was reported by another recruit to a DI. The base doctor seen him and prescribed medication. They further asked for his medical records been faxed down. He has been treated for migraines in the past. They placed him on a different duty and held him for two months without starting basic training. One day they came in and told him he was being medically discharged out of the Army but could re-enlist in 6 months with a wavier. What is the chances of that really happening and could he enlist in the Navy/Marines easier. He was going to be a Medic/ or Corpsman.

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