Options Available in Today’s U.S. National Guard.

Many people know about the different training, education and job opportunities that you can access when you join the United States Army. But there are many different types of benefits and options that you can access by joining the United States National Guard that are equally as excellent, and in many cases you can serve while still living and working in your local community.

When you sign up for your National Guard in your home state, you can access many of the same excellent pay, training and salary benefits that are available for the regular U.S. Army. The National Guard has been supplementing the Active Army to serve in different regions around the world, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, but it also is the first line of defense back here at home.

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Besides a number of different salary and pay benefits, you will receive training in a specialty that you and the National Guard choose for you, depending on your test scores and other factors. You will have different options for length of service, as well as a number of benefits including housing, basic pay, food, paid vacation when serving on extended active duty, and the educational and vocational benefits.

Simply put, some of the best opportunities available today during these challenging economic times are to be had in joining the United States National Guard and U.S. Army Reserves. And if you serve for more than 180 days on TAD or extended duty, then you will also be qualified for Veteran’s benefits in health care, the Montgomery GI Bill, and other pay and allowance perks.

There are also possible enlistment and special bonuses, depending on your qualifications and the needs of the service when you enlist. So take the time now to learn and find out what you qualify for, there is no better time to join and serve your country in the United States National Guard!




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