U.S. Navy Surface Vessel Careers.

Joining the United States Navy has always been seen as a way to see the world, but it is also a great way to receive some of the best state of the art training available. You can choose from nearly two hundred different job specialties and learn about different skills and job areas that can carry over to civilian work.

The Navy has many different career paths, and one of the most exciting is the Navy Surface Warfare Officer. Joining the U.S. Navy you will have many different responsibilities, and you will be able to obtain training on a variety of different types of vessels.

Serving in the United States Navy as an officer you will have responsibilities for men and machines, and you will be accountable to senior officers, as well as have men and women that are accountable to you.

Do you enjoy travel? You will learn and experience people around the world, on many different shores and at different Ports of Call in both the United States and overseas as a member of the United States Navy.

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The United States Navy uses all different types of vessels in its fleet, from large ships such as Aircraft Carriers to small cruisers, missile ships, destroyers and frigates as well as other ships.

The crew and officers of these vessels are all ran by members that have come up through the ranks. In fact some of Today’s top U.S. Navy Admirals started as lowly seamen and seamen apprentices at one point. Serving in the United States Navy is a job for those that can work well with people, who enjoy a challenge and who seek some of the top training and benefits available anywhere.

So take the challenge, and learn more today about how to join the elite warriors of the ocean, the United States Navy!




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