Six Ways Army ROTC Can Aid You

Each of the top four Services, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps has a variety of the ROTC program. Even the Coast Guard has a program similar to ROTC. ROTC means the Reserve Officer Training Corps, and it is a training program that allows funding of their education, with an agreement of the student to serve as a Commissioned officer in the United States military. Normally this is for a minimum of 6 to 8 years following graduation.

Questions About Different Army Reserve Officer Training Corps Programs? For More Information, Click HERE For Details!

There are several ways that serving in the Armed Forces as a graduate from a ROTC program can benefit you. One of the best ROTC programs is the US Army program. Some of the benefits of Army ROTC Training include: Success- You will learn what it means to set goals, and to achieve your goals. Many young people head off to college and do not have much experience in dealing with people, and learning at the trained hands of College professors and Army ROTC training officers can equip you with the needed life skills to be successful at whatever you choose to do in life.

Training– You will learn how to take defined, incremental steps in different training programs. One of the key elements of ROTC is learning how to break tasks down into specific steps, and then using discipline, hard work and imitative to reach your training goals. Education- There are different levels of commitment in Army ROTC. You can qualify for a scholarship, which pays for all tuition and books, and gives you a small monthly stipend while you are in school. It also pays for different related school expenses.

Leadership– Great leaders are not born, they are made. You will learn first how to follow good leaders, and how to eventually become a skilled leader yourself. This is done with a series of practical and real life exercises, as they train you to eventually become an Army Officer. Discipline- Learning how to set boundaries and to have good self discipline is a process. The Army has over 200 years of experience, and they teach you how to set a good example for others as well as instilling the traits and discipline needed for tomorrows leaders.

Motivation– Last one of the keys that participating in Army ROTC helps teach is motivation. Learning how to be a motivated person, and how to motivate others. So if this all sounds like something you want to participate in, contact your local Army Recruiter about how to get involved in United States Army ROTC.




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