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Jobs are hard to come by these days. High school knowledge and experiences don’t exactly prepare you for any kind of real career, unless you enjoy working at a fast food restaurant. Far more experienced employees are being laid off and companies are filing for bankruptcy. You know you are intelligent enough to learn the skills. You’ve been on computers your whole life. How can you start a career in communications without the necessary training or experience?

Most communications corporations require a college degree, but tuition is expensive. Vocational schools offer useful training, but again it costs money to attend. Money that you don’t have. There is another option you may not have considered: the United States military. It’s not what you think. Most people think of soldiers and sailors and tanks when they think of military careers, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Military Realities

Less than 20% of military jobs actually involve combat. All other military personnel work in support positions. The military has just as many career opportunities as the civilian world. The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard all need doctors, lawyers, accountants, journalists, electricians, plumbers, and pretty much any other job you could think of and they are willing to pay you as you receive your training.

That’s right. You can earn a salary while attending training, instead of racking up thousands of dollars in student loans. There are literally hundreds of civilian and military jobs in the communications industry. The military can make your career in communications a reality with state-of-the-art technology training, unlimited resources, and a benefits package that few, if any, civilian corporations can even hope to match.

Your Can’t Beat The Benefits

Military benefits make your salary go much further than any civilian paycheck ever could. Your enlistment in the military includes free housing, full medical benefits, a clothing and food allowance, paid vacations, free and discounted travel and entertainment, and much, much more. Think about it. If you don’t have to pay for food, housing, insurance, or travel, how much of your paycheck will you have available for savings, a vehicle, or whatever else you want to buy?

Other benefits, depending upon the length of your tour of duty, include access to VA loans to help you buy a house and G.I. Bill funds to help you further your education. The military also offers financial assistance in other ways, such as for emergencies and opening your own business. You can’t get these kinds of benefits from a civilian company.<

Career Opportunities

As a trained communications expert, you can take your skills and experience into a variety of communications careers. Your cutting edge military training will look great on any resume. Employers know that military training is some of the best in the world. In addition to your professional skills, they know you will have developed leadership and time management skills and the ability to work independently, which makes you a highly sought after employee.

Life in the military pushes you to reach your potential, professionally, physically, and intellectually. You will travel the world, participate in rescue missions, and protect freedom everywhere you go. This isn’t just a job. This opportunity will jump-start your professional career and allow you to provide for your family for the rest of your life. You can find out more about what the military has to offer by clicking HERE.

Photo courtesy of US Army Korea – IMCOM




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