Devil Dogs Make Soldiers Right

Iraqi Troops Given Training By Marine MiTT Experts If you are going to study anything, it’s best to learn from the Best. The Iraqi Soldiers being trained at Combat Outpost North have just such an opportunity.

Marines from Weapons Company, Task Force 3rd, 2nd Marine Regiment, are training these soldiers. These hard charging, take no prisoners Devil Dog Marines are showing the Iraqi Soldiers how to fight, and how to win. They are getting skills not only at how to fight and take the fight to the enemy, but how to excel.

The training is taking place at Qaim, in Iraq, and is a series of various elements and reactionary drills. They are observed by their MiTT Marine instructors, and then taught again correcting any mistakes they are making in their combat skills.

This is very focused, integrated training, if we do not integrate, if we should need to have a joint type operation with our brethren in the Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army, everyone will be on a different page, said Marine Staff Sgt Charles Cox. Sgt. Cox is a Weapons Company Section Leader.

Training occurs every day, day in and day out, and while stationed at Combat Outpost North together, the Iraqi and Marines learn as much about each other as they do about the training. The better we know each other, the closer we are to one another, the easier and more swiftly they will learn our ways, methods and techniques, said Sgt. Cox.

The Iraqi Soldiers we have been training have done very well, they were hand selected by their officers in the Iraqi Army, said Sgt. Cox. Now they can go back to their individual platoons and units, and teach their own men the same skills and approaches to combat, said Cox.




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