Firefighting And Emergency Jobs

A number of emergency and firefighting careers are available in the Navy. This specialty is one that trains a person to pay special care to safety, and to receive training on vital rescue and fire suppression skills. This job specialty is very fast paced, and vital to the ongoing Navy mission and environment readiness. This career selection promises to make a candidate ready for action. You may be called upon to provide and maintain shipboard safety and damage control. Or you could be assigned to provide support emergency medical care. You may have to fight fire on board ship or shore side, or provide a needed rescue operation.

Some of the duties you may be required to do include:
-Use your training to render emergency care to soldiers or troops in the field.
-Be the Fire Marshall on board ship.
-Operate and maintain various types of firefighting equipment on board ship or shore side.
-Specialized training in biological, chemical or radiological defensive equipment.
Skills in this job type are many, and the training to learn them can be intense. It is not a job choice for the faint of heart; you will train and work hard to master skills necessary to be a qualified firefighter, Emergency first responder, or other damage control tasks.

This job can often take you anyplace the Navy is present: Naval air stations, Navy squadrons, Shore side at various Navy installations, on board any of the ships that the Navy has, or even in special cases with Special Operations Units.

Future Civilian jobs you may be qualified for include:

-Surgical Technician.
-EMT or ambulance medic.
-X-Ray Technician.
-Pharmacy Technician.
-Respiratory Technician.
Or other careers dealing with Emergency services and medical support.

Active duty Emergency First responders learn a variety of skills, and are the masters of a lot of different tasks. They often receive advanced training in safety inspection, repair and maintenance of emergency and rescue equipment, firefighting, and various state of the art health care technologies as they are improved. Career opportunities and potential in the civilian field is bright, many fire departments nationwide give not only veteran point hiring preference, but because of the discipline and know how of the Naval Fire and Emergency technician they snap them up when available to fill positions in their fire crews and fire departments.

Fields of preventive maintenance, inspection, fire prevention, medical specialties, and other careers are enthusiastic to receive prior military people because they are a known quantity, and have much of the necessary training already and this saves money for the civilian agency doing the hiring.




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