Federal Financial Aid Assistance

The most important thing to do if you want to attend college is to get in your FASFA now. Don’t wait till the March or June deadline.  File your taxes, even if you have to estimate your return, then go on the Internet and file the FASFA, or Federal Application for Student Financial Aid.  A great deal of Financial Aid is awarded first come, first serve, so it benefits a person to get their financial aid application in early.  There are several different types of financial aid, and it is a good idea to learn about each type and how they work together. Federal Financial Aid is aimed at assisting you in paying for school; it is intended to help meet living expenses, fees, books, tuition and other educational related costs while going to school.  There are grants (which is free money you don’t have to repay) and loans (which you do have to pay back).  These programs are paid though the school, and then what is left over after paying for tuition and related expenses it paid to you, normally by a check.  These programs are in addition to any programs such as the Montgomery GI Bill that may be available to you, as an active duty or reserve Servicemember. To be eligible for Federal Financial Aid you have to meet the following conditions. -Enrolled in a program or school that is Federal Financial Aid approved. -Working toward a specific certificate, degree, or program of study. -Possess a regular High school diploma, or in some cases have a GED certificate. -Registered with the Selective Service. -A United States Citizen or qualify as one of a specific number of non-citizens. -Possess a valid Social Security Number. It is a smart idea to find out what you are eligible for.  Filing the FAFSA is pretty simple, and it’s free.  You can do it all online, and either mail in a printed out form with your signature or you can electronically sign your application (requires you apply for an electronic pin number). There are many cases of situations where even senior enlisted members find out that they have been eligible for generous benefits and not been aware of them. You should apply now for the benefits you may be eligible for under the FAFSA program.  You should also consider applying to college, as just as in financial aid, sometimes programs are first come first serve.  With these two elements completed, (financial aid and college admissions application) you can then follow up, and make sure you are on a good footing for your college or university career.




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