3 Coworker Benefits of Joining the Air Force

If you are considering joining a military branch, but you are not sure which one is going to suit your needs the best, you may want to consider the air force. Members of the air force often say that it is the best branch of the military to join for a number of reasons. Here are some co worker related benefits associated with joining the Air Force.

1 – Because a high ASVAB score is required to join the air force, you can rest assured that you will be working with the best of the best in terms of coworkers.

2 – Because your ASVAB score will likely be quite similar in nature to your coworkers and the other air force members around you, you can rest assured that you will have a lot in common with the people that you are working with.

3 – Because the Air Force is more selective about who they bring into their ranks, they also offer better living conditions and other perks for air force members. Rather than being squished into a room with numerous other air force members for example, you will likely have a single roommate in a larger room.




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I am not sure if this is something for me but i am running out of options. if i join would i be able to work in a hospital? i would not want to be deployed out of the country unless my family could come with me.. i have two young children and they are my everything but right now i can not provide them with the best and i want them to have more then i ever did. do you think this is something i could do?

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