Military Vacation Travel Options

Well, the 2008 year is upon us, and families around the world are making plans for their vacation and leave time with their loved ones. But with so much available to do, what can a person select as the ultimate vacation? There are a lot of options. But you find yourself asking the obvious questions: When do you leave for vacation? What do we do on Vacation? A good place to start is with the overall basics. Take out a pen and paper, and make some lists, and prioritize s your options. Then you can select something that meets your financial needs but that is also the maximum enjoyment for you and your family.

First, decide on WHAT you wish to do. Some of the choices include:
-Go on a Driving Tour of someplace you and your family has never been.
-Fly to a destination Resort.
-Travel to a city in the U.S. or overseas that you have never been to.
-Book an ocean going cruise.
These are just a few of the choices available, but these are ones that are among the most popular. Knowing your own family, and their likes and dislikes can help pick the vacation that will be the most relaxing and enjoyable for YOUR particular family.

Next, Decide Your Mode of Travel. As we just said, you can fly, drive, or even take a long slow boat to China, or any other cruise type destination you think sounds appealing. The mode of travel has a lot to do with the cost, if you are looking for a fun but no frills type vacation, then often a vacation based on driving will meet your needs. Other options if you are looking for something out of the ordinary is to take a train, or even a bus. These types of travel are often overlooked, but leaving the driving to someone else can be very relaxing and enjoyable.

Lodging. This is another big-ticket item, but it doesn’t have to be. You can stay at a lot of different type places, some of these are:
-Bed and Breakfast type lodging.
-Or even a typical motel or hotel of your choice.

Decision Time. Now that you have some of the more basic answers, you can choose where to go. Again, balance the restrictions your financial resources place on you, with the needs of your family and loved ones. Research and look around, ask people while on duty during slack times, even go onto the Internet and find places that look inviting. Taking a vacation does NOT mean that you have to be miserable, but with a little Yankee ingenuity, time and some planning you can come up with a plan that would make anyone proud.




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