3 Reasons the Navy Might Be for You

The Navy is a specialized branch of the US military that deals which ships, sailing and submarines. Those who want to learn to fly gravitate toward the Air Force, and those who feel at home in the water generally enlist in the Navy or the Marines. As a member of the Navy, you’ll learn things you might not have a chance to experience elsewhere.

1. Many Navy jobs are based on submarines. Submarine technology has come a long way since the days of German U-boats and battles at sea during WWII. Nuclear submarines require specialized training and highly skilled soldiers to operate them. You can be on the cutting edge of this technology if you enlist in the Navy.

2. As a Navy soldier or officer, you’re part of the massive United States military, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of that station, many of which are financial. Health insurance, recruitment benefits, education, retirement and more can be yours as a member of the Navy.

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3. If you enlist in the Navy, you have the opportunity to try to become a Navy SEAL. Navy SEALS are some of the toughest, most elite soldiers produced by the US military.




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