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3 Tips for Surviving Basic Military Training

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The stories of military boot camp are legendary. Even those who don’t know anyone who’s been in the military cringe at the thought of basic training, thanks to its depiction in movies and in books, and stories handed down through friends and family members.

Boot camp is tough, whether you join the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or National Guard. Not everyone makes it. But you can make it, and have your choice of great military careers.

1. Train hard before you join. Get in the best physical shape you can. You’ll probably be surprised at how hard it still is, because you won’t push yourself as hard as your CO will. But if you get as fit as possible before you start military boot camp, you can tough it out.

2. Remember that no matter what your superiors say to you during basic training, they can’t hit or abuse you. The mental stress will be high, but physically you will be safe.

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3. Remember how many people have done this before you and made it. If you’re being screamed at or having to run yet one more mile, think of the brave soldiers who did those same things and survived. You can make it, too. And you’ll have your choice of military jobs and all those benefits on the other side.




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