Military Only Walt Disney World Resort

Many people do not realize that on the grounds of Walt Disney World there is a resort that is not owned by Walt Disney World.  It is owned by the Department of Defense, and the land is leased to the DoD on a long-term lease by the Walt Disney Company.  The Armed Forces Recreation program runs the resort, called “Shades of Green”, and it is a very nice place for military people to stay when wishing to vacation at Walt Disney World. The Shades of Green Resort makes a trip to Walt Disney World more available to many in the Armed Forces community.  It is strictly reserved for Servicemembers and their families.  It is available in some cases to members of the reserves and National Guard, but the general public is not allowed to stay there, it is strictly military only.  It is on the central Disney world transportation circuit, large comfortable buses travel from the Shades of Green Resort every twenty to thirty minutes to Downtown Orlando, and each of the other Walt Disney World Attractions. Three Disney World Parks, Two Disney World Water parks, as well as a variety of other recreational opportunities are available but a short bus ride away.  Downtown Disney is a destination close by with attractions such as Cirque Due Solis, House of Blues, The Wax Museum, and other night spots and restaurants.  Because the Shades of Green works to keep rooms reasonably priced, and is available only for military use, a Servicemember and their family can be assured of a place to get away and vacation affordably.  There are two PGA Golf courses nearby, and an executive nine-hole golf course is also close by. Shades of Green is not any slouch when it comes to relaxation.  Imagine a wooded peaceful relaxed setting, with waterfalls, gardens that are lush and tropical, and over five hundred spacious guest rooms, and you will have a pretty good idea of the setting at Shades of Green. Shades of Green has specific guest rooms for those with special needs, and meets all American Disability Act guidelines in their disability equipped rooms.  All the features and amenities one would expect from a world-class resort can be found at the Shades of Green Resort. The Shades of Green resort is the only resort of its type on the Continental United States.  Other resorts that are similar exist overseas, but this is the only one of its type here in the forty-eight states. It was created to be exclusive for rest and relations for military Servicemembers, families and their dependents.  Certain other specific military and defense department people are eligible, check with Shades of Green for eligibility before planning travel.




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could you please me more information…my husband is coming home from iraq for 2 weeks in september and we are planning a trip to disneyworld. thank you

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