4 Things You Might Not Know About Navy Seals

1. Now you can join the Navy and specify that you want to train as a Navy SEAL. This didn’t used to be possible. They didn’t recruit SEALS, they recruited Navy soldiers and Marines, and applicants for SEAL training were selected from those ranks. Now you can enlist as a SEAL recruit. This is no guarantee you’ll get to take part in SEAL training or become one of these elite, but you can enlist with that intention.

2. Navy SEALS must have excellent vision. Many people are turned down for SEAL training because their vision can’t be corrected to the correct clarity without affected their color vision. While it might not seem fair that people with poorer eyesight aren’t given the opportunity, it makes sense form the military point of view. To be an elite SEAL, precise vision is essential for your safety and the safety of your team.

3. Only men who are United States citizens aged 28 or younger can become Navy SEALS.

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4. Navy SEAL training is some of the most intense and harrowing military training a soldier can face. Getting through the training and becoming a SEAL is a sure indication that a soldier is one of the finest in the entire US military.




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I have wanted to become a navy seal all my life, how do I get started?

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Talk to your Navy recruiter. He/she may put you in contact with a Navy Seal recruiter who can share more info with you. Including giving you physical ‘tests’ to see if you potentially have what it takes. For example, swimming in ‘cold’ water? Running for miles in ‘boots’ on sand. Are you mentally tough? Last thing you want is to get to BUD/S and get dropped! Do your homework long before you go.

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