3 Tips for Military Enlistment

If you’re planning on joining the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or National Guard, 3 tips can help you get in the door, get through boot camp, and have your choice of military careers.

1. You’ve heard how physically hard boot camp is—it’s true. So train as hard as you can until you go. Get in the best shape you possible can and it will be easier on you. But it will by no means be easy.

2. Learn to let things roll of your back and work on developing a thick skin. You will be screamed at and belittled. This is a temporary situation. Realize that there is nothing that the commanders can say to you that matters. If they call you a name, it does not mean that you are what they call you, only that you must agree with them because you’re in training. Learn to let it go.

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3. Don’t be fooled into thinking military boot camp is all about mental stress, running and marching. The mental tests are hard, too. Brush up on the basics. If you have a weak spot like written communication or math, study hard and get up to speed. The better you do on the tests you’re given, the more military careers are open to you.




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Hi, i am currently in the army and my contract is up in 2011 and once it was up i wanted to join the air force… I was wondering if that was possible, because i had heard some rumors stating that if you have been in the army you could’t switch over to the air force?! and i was also wondering if i could join the air force would i have to go through basic and a.i.t all over again?!

military dot image arin    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

you should be able to reenlist without going thru all the basics again, not positive though (it depends on the branch, MOS, etc.)

here’s a little bit of info: http://www.rotc.com/prior_service/

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