3 Reasons to Start a Military Tradition

If no one in your immediate family has ever been in the military, often joining the service isn’t something that’s much discussed at the dinner table. Families that have people from every generation who get military jobs and spend their lives in military careers typically discuss joining the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or National Guard with their kids. It’s something that’s often brought up as an option to immediate college, with the older members of the family explaining all the benefits of joining the service.

For those who don’t have relatives in the military, there are several good reasons to be the first in your family and start a military tradition. Here are three of them:

1. You’ll be the one to make military service more of an option for future generations by being the first.

2. You can be self-sufficient right away once you join the military. Other family members will see your path and want to emulate it, and will reap the same benefits you do.

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3. You’ll be setting a foundation in place that will provide for you and your family throughout your lifetime. Military careers will be there no matter what the economy is like and who is getting laid off.




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