3 Reasons to Join the National Guard

The National Guard offers some unique benefits among the branches of the United States military. It allows soldiers to serve in a different way, while keeping them ready in case of a needed deployment, either within US borders or on foreign soil.

1. National Guard members live at home, instead of on a military base. You can remain at your home, working in the public sector. Your training and service is part-time, unless you’re deployed into active service duty. Training is typically one weekend a month and a few weeks during the summer, and the rest of the time you lead a civilian life, but with all the military benefits.

2. National Guard members are often sent to fill needs within our own country. Floods and natural disasters are a common place you’ll find National Guard members, helping Americans through these devastating crises. Deployment isn’t always to a foreign land.

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3. Though you’re serving part-time in many cases, the benefits are full-time. You’re a veteran, the same as any other member of any of the branches of the US military. And you can opt to serve full-time with a variety of military careers within the National Guard as well.




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Hello, Can I join the National Guard by the age of 17?

military dot image Jesus    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Can I enjoin tyhe national guard at the age of 17 years old. R ight now I’m 15 years old I need two more years but can i join with my parents permission.

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