Aviation Army Specialist Positions

The Army uses hundreds of aircraft and equipment every single day to transport and ferry men and women, supplies and other needed items to troops around the world. The job of Aviation Specialist can involve a wide variety of tasks and mission responsibilities. Accurate and timely information assists pilots and Aviations personnel to keep missions efficient and safe for everyone. The position of Army Aviation Specialist provides information for ground, air and flight crews.

The primary responsibility of the Army Aviation Specialist is for dispatching, scheduling, and directing missions of tactical and other military aircraft missions. Some of the specific Aviation Operation Specialist duties include:

-Coordinate and assist with Aircraft Flight Plans.
-Maintain and keep flight logs on outgoing and incoming aircraft flights.
-Notify emergency and crash crews of alerts and flight emergencies.
-Protect and safeguard various types of classified information and materials.
-Plan aircrew and flight schedule assignments by direction.

-Process cross-country and local flight clearances.
-Post and interpret various weather forecasts and weather reports.
-Maintain and update functional files, flight records and other archive information.

As with any other Army enlisted job, it starts out with nine weeks of training at boot camp. Then it’s on to Individual Advanced Training for six weeks. The advanced training is largely classroom, but you will spend some of the time in the field undergoing simulated drills and combat type situations. Some of the skills that you will learn in your advanced training include: An introduction to basic aviation procedures, an overview of Army Aviation and Army aviation history, how to prepare flight records and reports, and airfield and flight planning operations. You will also be introduced and trained in how to assign, schedule and detail flight crews for Army Aviation missions.

This Army position may be a good one for you if you have: An interest in aviation, an ability to work well in tasks requiring computer skills, various kinds of office machine skills, or other ability and skills in an office or professional setting. The ability to keep and maintain accurate records and interests in math, air traffic, or overall aviation are also key aptitudes that would stand you in good stead in this job.

Senior Army Aviation Operators and Specialists train and evaluate junior enlisted soldiers. You can be involved in development, supervision, deployment and planning of various mission specific duties as a Senior Aviation Operator.




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