M-1 Abrams Tank Maintainers

Everyone has at one time or another seen photos or video coverage of Army tanks doing dramatic things in the coverage of the War on Terror. These tanks and equipment are often the M-1 Abrams tank, the main United States Army tank in its arsenal. The job of the Abrams Tank Maintainer is to maintain and care for the tank, keeping it in battle readiness and able to perform its missions.

The Army uses a wide variety of systems and weapons. These vary from large ballistic missiles, to small arms, to various field artillery systems. These different weapons have aiming and targeting systems, electronic components and other systems to help locate and destroy targets.

Part of the responsibility of the M1-Abrams tank maintainer is learning and being trained on all these type of systems found on the Abrams tank. The Abrams systems maintainer is a vital and integral member of the tank team, and it’s their job to learn to operate and maintain these systems properly.

Duties of a M-1 Abrams Tank Maintainer will include:
-Troubleshooting and diagnosing systems and malfunctions.
-Maintaining and repairing Abrams infantry weapons and weapon systems.
-Repairing and maintaining steering systems, fire systems, and hydraulic systems.
-Major assembly diagnosis and repair, including fire control systems and turret controls.
-Assembly and repair of fire control, extinguisher, and fire suppression systems.
-Lubrication and cleaning of sights, electro optic systems, and gyroscopes.

-Maintaining and repairing missile platforms, missile mounts and launch equipment.
-Adjusting, testing and firing various weapons, and calibrating them.

Nine weeks of basic training is requires as always for anyone joining the Army then sixteen weeks of Advanced Training, where you will be both in the field and in the classroom. You will learn many skills, and how to deal with various equipment. Electronics, mechanical testing equipment, and mechanical concepts and principals will be part of your advanced training.

If you are interested in this job there are skills that you should focus on. Some of the things that are helpful to know if you want to have this as your Army Job are:
-The ability to work in a detailed manner, using finely calibrated equipment.
-An interest in Math and Science.
-Knowledge or interest in learning and working with Diesel engines and equipment.
-Electronic and electronic equipment aptitude or interest.

As you advance in your time spent in the Army, you will have the chance to train and supervise other soldiers and personnel. Skills learned, as a M1 Abrams tank crewman will also prepare you for possible civilian work after the Army in helping design new equipment and military weapons.




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