3 Qualities You Need to Be a Navy SEAL

Navy SEALS are an elite force of highly-specialized, well-trained soldiers. The training they go through is difficult and enough to drive some people away from their dream of becoming a Navy SEAL. If you become a Navy SEAL, you’re trained in weapons, combat, combat swimming, demolitions, parachuting, diving and navigation among other necessary military skills. It’s not for everyone.

1. Becoming a Navy SEAL takes more dedication than anything else you’ll do in your lifetime. The training includes endurance training in bitterly cold water to push you beyond the point you think you can take, and even farther still. And this is only part of the extensive training.

2. You’ll also train in other extremes, like extreme heat in the desert, treacherous conditions in the jungle, and more. You must be ready to adapt to any situation and think on your feet, putting your survival and the survival of your teammates first. This won’t always be easy because part of the training involves situations that intentionally make it difficult to think clearly or fast.

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3. You have to self-sufficient, but also able to rely on your teammates. You cannot be the weak link in the chain—when it comes to Navy SEALS there are no weak links because they don’t make it through the training.




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this did not tell me anything about the skills required

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i was wondering whether it was possible to get an autograph from you please.
Nicholas Barker

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If serious, I can arrange an autograph from several. Send address. Also, tell a little about yourself like your goal(s). If we invest in you, want to know your capacity of making every day count! No ringing out, right!

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