Pipeline To Professional Plumbing Skills

Are you looking for professional training as a plumber? Are you like the millions of others who cannot afford university tuition or vocational training and who are frustrated with the limited skills your high school education has provided? Unless you have family members who are willing to train you and provide you with an “in” into the local plumbers’ union, you may have thought that vocational training was your only option.

Instead of collecting thousands of dollars in student loans, however, you can cash in a career training opportunity with the United States Army. The Army is prepared to pay you a salary as they train you in a wide variety of plumbing skills as well as give you one of the best benefits packages to be found anywhere.

Why The Army?

The Army isn’t just about soldiers. Over 80% of the jobs in the Army are non-combat jobs. These jobs work to support the military organization and range from doctors and lawyers to teachers, mechanics, carpenters, and even plumbers. In order to guarantee your skills are the very best they can be, the Army will provide you with state-of-the-art training, continuing education opportunities, and the chance to get promoted for all of the good works you will be doing.

Not only will you receive a paycheck, but the Army will give you free housing, full medical and dental benefits, free and discounted travel, military shopping privileges, and excellent schools for your children. With benefits like these, your paycheck will go twice as far as any civilian income. In addition, you will be able to travel the world at the Army’s expense. Who needs student loans, anyway?

Water: The Stuff Of Life

As a plumber, you will be providing the people of the world with the most basic, life-giving substance on Earth. Not only will you develop skills in residential and industrial plumbing systems, you will work on community-level systems both on military bases and in rescue missions. The United States Army is one of the first responders worldwide in the case of natural disasters. You will be one of the heroes that make the difference between life and death as an Army plumber.

Of course, your days will not always be so dramatic. You will often provide basic maintenance to familiar, community plumbing projects and ensure the safe water supply of your co-workers and neighbors, but your skills are no less important. Our modern world depends more heavily on a clean water supply than anything else.

Stability And Satisfaction

In the uncertainty of today’s world, your skills as a plumber can provide you and your family with the economic stability not often found today. Whether you decide to make the Army a lifelong career or a professional stepping stone, your skills will be a source of personal pride and economic rewards, all thanks to the United States Army.

If you are prepared to start your career as a plumber, you can find out more about what the military has to offer by clicking HERE.

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