Maximize Your Potential With An Aviation Career

Professional training of any kind is getting more expensive every day. The tight economy is causing tuition rates to rise and established firms and industries to lay off experienced workers. Today, it is harder than ever to begin a new career, especially with the limited skills acquired from your high school education.

Instead of starting your career with a mountain of college or vocational school student loans and no savings to speak of, you can get paid to receive your professional training from the United States military. You can challenge yourself intellectually, physically, and professionally as the military provides the opportunities, the resources, and the paycheck.

Combat Is Not The Only Option

Contrary to popular belief, over 80% of military jobs have nothing to do with combat. There are teachers, doctors, plumbers, drivers, computer programmers, veterinarians, cooks, and lawyers who have all received their professional training and experience by taking advantage of the wealth of resources offered by the military. In addition to your paid training, you will receive great benefits, continuing education opportunities, and the respect and admiration of millions.

The reality of a military career is that most jobs are in support of the military objectives, not in combat. Buildings must be built and maintained, computers must be programmed, operated, and repaired, and everyone needs electricity, plumbing, and reliable vehicles. The military is prepared to train you in a variety of career options. They have the tools to help you discover your aptitudes and abilities and the training to ensure your success.

Bountiful Benefits

Most civilian jobs require that you work for them for a minimum of 90 days before you receive any benefits. Even worse, you often have to pay for the majority of your benefits out of your own pocket. In contrast, the military provides you with full medical and dental benefits from Day One.

You also receive free housing, food and clothing allowances, free and discounted travel, and entertainment, military shopping privileges, and a solid retirement plan.

Even if you have no real job experience to speak of, being fresh out of high school, the military can provide you with the training and on-the-job experiences that will make you a highly sought after employee in or out of the military. This is a great opportunity for you to have your living expenses covered as you develop your professional skills.

The Aviation Industry

The number of jobs in the aviation industry shows no signs of slowing in the foreseeable future. Helicopters serve so many industries that their maintenance budgets are actually expanding while other operations are being reduced. Corporate heads and Heads of State don’t want to be in the news because of a helicopter crash! Helicopters are also used by hospitals and the media and in natural resource discovery and management, all of which are of paramount importance.

The skills you will learn in the military as a Helicopter Repairer can earn you a lucrative income in either the military or in the civilian world. You will be supporting the fight for freedom around the globe and providing the ability of rescue teams to help those in need. All you have to do is complete your service agreement and the world is your oyster. Physical fitness, professional success, and personal pride are just a click or a phone call away.

You can find out more about what the military has to offer by clicking HERE.

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