4 Great Military Branches to Choose From

Depending on your personal interests, you might choose Army instead of Navy, or Army National Guard instead of the Marines. You should research each branch of the military before making your decisions, as the specialties within the branches are different even though all military have one purpose–to defend and protect.

1. Army jobs: If you join the Army you’ll be part of a fighting force that’s essentially skilled at ground-based combat. You’ll travel in aircraft and train to parachute, as well as travel by sea, but the emphasis is ground based. The Army National Guard is a branch that allows you serve part-time

2. Navy jobs: Navy jobs are primarily sea based. You could serve on a submarine or other type of ship.

3. Marine jobs: The Marines are actually a part of the US Navy. Marines typically arrive by sea and are the first to storm a beach in combat.

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4. Air Force jobs: Ever dream of flying a plane, jumping from a plane, or designing a plane? If flight is your passion, then there’s no better military branch for you than the Air Force. Many people who work as pilots for airlines got their start in pilot training in the United States Air Force.




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THis article really helped me. I have been looking to join the military for a long time. This helped me to choose a branch.


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