3 Proud Traditions of Navy Seals

When people hear the words “Navy Seals,” they realize that they’re talking about the most elite fighting force in the United States, and the World. Navy Seals are highly-trained, and have to endure the harshest conditions to make it through the training. Becoming a Navy Seal doesn’t just mean you’re tough. It means you’re ready to sacrifice for your country and your fellow soldiers, and that you’re among the bravest soldiers.

1. If technology interests you, you should apply to become a Navy Seal. Seals get to use the most high-tech equipment available to the military today.

2. If you’re concerned with homeland security and the safety of the country within her own borders, you should consider becoming a Seal. The first soldier to set foot in Afghanistan after the attacks on September 11 in 2002 was a Navy Seal. Seals will go in first, without hesitation, because it’s their duty and they love their country.

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3. Being a Seal means that you’re either a part of the Navy or the Marines, which is a department of the Navy. Just being a Marine or a Navy soldier is an excellent way to serve your country. But if you’re a man with excellent visions, under the age of 29, you may have an opportunity to be one of the elite.




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