Navy SEAL Training — Are You Tough Enough?

If you have the dream of being a Navy Seal, you’re not alone. Far more men dream of becoming a part of this highly-trained fighting force than will ever make it in. Seals make up less than 1% of all Navy members. Most who want to become Seals won’t qualify for various reasons, from test scores to their eyesight. But you dream it and you qualify, you can do it.

If you plan on enlisting in the Navy or Marines with the intention of taking Seal training, prepare yourself. Be as difficult on yourself as you possibly can before you go. During Seal training, the first few weeks get you used to your new environment. Then, week 4 is known as Hell Week. And it will be hell, even if you’re in top physical shape.

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During the 4th week you’ll be pushed farther than you’ve ever imagined. You’re purposefully sleep deprived, getting no more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep each day, while you’re conditioned mentally and physically to take whatever is thrown at you and each day is harder than the one before. This is the week that makes or breaks many candidates–be prepared, and become a Seal.




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