Things to Know about Becoming a Navy Seal

Navy Seals are frequently mentioned in books, television programs and movies, so most people know what Navy Seals are. When they’re mentioned in print or shown in shows or movies they’re almost always portrayed as tough, no-nonsense, do-the-right-thing soldiers. But there’s more to Navy Seals than muscles and endurance.

Many people think of Navy Seals are called Seals because they specialize in sea-based delivery and have excellent swimming and water survival skills. SEAL is actually an acronym for Sea-Air-Land. That’s because Navy Seals undergo extensive training in all those areas. They have survival training in the desert, not just in water-based situations, and the jungle, as well. They also learn skills to move about covertly in urban situations. And they train to parachute jump from moving aircraft. Navy Skills make up less than a percent of the Navy, but they’re the most highly-trained fighting elite in the military.

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It’s a great honor be chosen as a candidate for Navy Seal training. While traditionally, a recruit already had to be a member of the Marines or the Navy, now you can sign up for either branch of the military in the hopes of training as a Navy Seal. Being a Seal is one of the best Navy jobs or Marine jobs you can get!




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