3 Reasons to Join the Army National Guard

Army National Guard jobs give you the opportunity to serve your country without committing to the full-time base deployment as Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine soldiers have to commit to. You can still be deployed in a situation of need and have to leave home to serve, but the reasons for choosing the National Guard include:

1. No other branch of the military allows you to lead a civilian life with only part time service. You’ll give up about one weekend a month and a few weeks during the summer to training and a military lifestyle. But though you only officially serve part-time, you receive all the benefits of military service.

2. As a member of the National Guard, you’ll often be deployed within United States borders. Floods and other natural disasters give you the opportunity to serve your country within your country.

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3. Just as if you were a member of any branch of service, you’ll never need worry about employment or finances. You may be able to serve full-time within the Guard if you choose. While most prefer the part-time benefits of joining the Guard, others make a full-time career of service in this branch of military.




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