Army Helicopter Repair Careers

A important link in keeping Army Helicopters mission ready and in the air are the people who serve as UH-1 Helicopter Repairers. An Army Helicopter repairperson is the main responsibility holder for supervising and performing different types of both routine and emergency repair, and preventative maintenance on the UH-1 helicopter. It is a job that is vital to mission preparedness, and overall mission ready helicopter units.

Some of the Duties that a UH-1 Helicopter Repairman will be responsible for include:
-Inspection, service and repair of tail assemblies, air Frame, wings and fuselages.
-Perform landing gear service and repair as needed.
-Making routine and scheduled maintenance checks and aircraft inspections.
-Repair, service and lubrication schedules for all unit UH-1 helicopters.
-Diagnose, removal and repair of aircraft sub assemblies such as gearboxes, rotors, engines, mechanical flight controls and other equipment.
-Replacement or repair of electrical systems, such as batteries, lights, and starters that are found on the UH-1

The training you receive will start out with Army Basic Training, just as is necessary for every Army Soldiers. Advanced individual training for UH-1 Helicopter repair will occur in the classroom, in the repair shop, and exercise in the field. Skills you will be taught and develop include: Aluminum, fiberglass and aluminum fabrication and airframe repair, and repair of electrical, fuel, hydraulic and control surface systems on the UH-1 helicopter. If you are handy with tools, have a knack for mechanics and repair, and have interests in aircraft and shop mechanics then this may be the career field for you. You will advance in your career, and as you advance in rank you will pick up more in depth and sophisticated duty assignments and skills relating to helicopter repair and UH-1 equipment repair.

When you become a Senior NCO UH-1 repairer, you will be responsible for training and instructing other soldiers on the fine points of UH-1 repair and service. Senior UH-1 NCO personnel will also encounter and perform the following duties. -Troubleshooting, diagnosing and repairing equipment malfunctions in the UH-1 Aircraft. -Scheduled, periodic, and regular maintenance on the UH-1 aircraft. -Other regular maintenance helicopter procedures.

The skills that you acquire and learn as a helicopter repairperson will stand you in an excellent position to secure civilian employment in the helicopter field, or overall employment in the civilian aircraft and aviation field. Skilled aviation mechanics earn top money and are in high demand, there is a shortage of such skilled repairmen both nationwide and around the world.




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im currently in the navy as a FMF corpsman, i get out in two years and want to work on fort rucker avaition base as a helecopter mechanic. how would i recieve the training as a civilian? and how would i get on at the army base to work.

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