4 Things You Need to be a Navy Seal

Being a Navy Seal is the dream of many little boys who are fascinated by the military. To become one of the most elite, highly-trained soldiers in the world is something many want to grow up to do. But getting into training isn’t easy. There are many requires to even qualify for training, and even once in the training many soldiers don’t make it through. This leaves only the best and most capable, under extreme conditions, to become Navy Seals.

1. You’ll need to excel at swimming, hand to hand combat, all forms of combat, parachuting and all other military maneuvers.

2. You need to be able to dedicate yourself to a single purpose without wavering, no matter how hard it is.

3. You’ll have to be able to handle freezing cold, ice-covered water as well as extreme desert and jungle temperatures. You’re forced to endure things like the freezing water to see how you can handle even the worst extremes you might be faced with in a combat situation.

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4. You’ll be pushed to physical exhaustion during Hell Week, which is week 4 of the training. And after that, the training ramps up at an increasing speed. You will be exhausted when you’re finished. But you’ll also be a highly-trained, elite Navy Seal.




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