Enlisted Chief Medical Care Jobs

One of the jobs you can aspire to in the Unites States Army is the job of Senior Enlisted Chief Medical Officer. This is a non-commissioned rating, and is the position that is most senior at a specific post among enlisted personnel. The Chief Medical Non-Com performs various duties and functions as a senior advisor to Department Chiefs, staff agencies, Directors and Commanders of medical and dental Army Facilities. The Chief Medical Non Commissioned Officer is a supervisory and advice role, and they are responsible for overseeing a variety of soldiers under their command at a medical facility.

The Chief Medical Non-Com serves in medical, dental and multifunctional units, facilities and other medical related type units. They serve both overseas, and on the home front. The main job of a Chief Medical NCO is supervisory, and to help provide communications between enlisted personnel and superior officers at these type of medical units. They are responsible to oversea and supervise personnel at the unit level where many unit operation missions come together.

Responsibilities and additional tasks that a Chief Medical NCO is responsible for include: Acting as a liaison between soldiers and medical staff, supervising activities of soldiers to promote unit training, technical, tactical and operations activities and assist in unit organization. You maybe be responsible for reports, operating instructions, and preparing orders for the personnel in your care. This job choice is not an entry-level career. You have to first complete both the Advanced and the Basic NCO coursework, and graduate from both schools successfully.

The average Senior Medical NCO has between twelve and eighteen years of service in the Army already. You will then be required at some point to enroll in and complete First Sergeant training coursework as well as other administrative type training. Becoming a leader in the world is difficult, but the Army can help you develop your confidence, skills, and become more self disciplined and focused on mission parameters. Subjects that you will be trained in during your NCO coursework include, Security, tactical Ops, Personnel and Training management, logistics and material support, communication skills, and unit administration.

You should be fairly physically fit, and able to make sound decisions quietly and with a lot confidence. A true leader does not lead from the rear, but in front. As a Senior NCO type billet you have to be aware of the consequences of making decisions, and be prepared to take the blame if soldiers under you do not participate up to snuff.




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