5 Reasons to Enlist in the Army

1. By joining the Army, you’re making a commitment to your country. You’re doing something that only a small number of people can understand. It’s the ultimate service, to protect your country and her people. This should give you a well-earned sense of pride.

2. When you join the Army, your healthcare costs are covered by the US military. And unlike a civilian job where you get insurance and that insurance runs out when you leave the job, your military healthcare benefits are lifelong. Once you join the military, you’ll be a veteran your entire life, and are covered by medical benefits your whole life. The military takes care of its own.

3. Joining the Army gives you the chance to get a great education. You can get a college degree while serving and training in the Army. You can also use the GI Bill to further your education.

4. Enlistment bonuses can add up to $40,000 for some people joining the Army. You’ll probably qualify for at least some of them, but you may qualify for all of them.

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5. Being in the Army gives you good job security when you leave active duty. Companies love to hire military veterans.




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