3 Things Navy Seals Training Teaches You

Navy Seals training is the most difficult military training in the United States. It produced some of the most highly-trained, tough soldiers in the world. Though physical and mental challenges designed to test you, the commanding officers turn soldiers into super-soldiers, capable of carrying out any mission.

1. You will learn to rely on yourself and your fellow Navy Seals. All of the training exercises that focus on teamwork are designed to break the weakest links in the chain. These recruits drop out of training, leaving only strong links making up the Navy Seals chain. If one person doesn’t pull his weight the whole team fails.

2. You will bear things you might not have thought you could. Just the physical endurance tests, like being forced to remain in frigid water past the point most people could bear, push you to your very limit to show you how much you can take. You discover that when you have to, you can take much more than you thought.

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3. You will learn to follow orders. Navy Seals have to all be of one mind on missions, with no one deviating from the plan in order for the missions to be successful.




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