3 Hard Truths about Military Jobs

Joining the military, whether it’s the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or National Guard, is a great way to have a good-paying, fascinating career. There are many benefits to joining the military. But you should at least be aware of potential drawbacks before you sign up.

1. You may not get the military jobs that you want. The military is one large team, and the chain of command is absolute. You will be put where your skills and the military’s needs require you to be put. That doesn’t mean that you definitely won’t get the job you want, but it’s a possibility.

2. There is danger involved. You can be deployed to war zones where your life is on the line. Yes, there are a number of benefits to joining, but this risk is the price you pay for those benefits. You’re probably aware of this, but just don’t join thinking you’ll breeze through and never have to sacrifice, because often you will have to go dangerous places.

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3. Basic training is as hard as you’ve been lead to believe. If you really doubt your ability handle the rigors and training, then get in the best shape you can before you join the military.




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