Hints For Traveling Comfortably

If you have ever had a negative or dismal traveling experience, whether traveling in the Military as a Servicemember or in civilian life, you know that it can ruin an otherwise positive experience.  Knowing what to watch for as you travel is half of the battle.  Here are some practical tips to watch out for when traveling: The Best seats for:  Tall People:  If you are tall, then the best place to sit is the Rear window seats near the exit.  They allow you to sit comfortably without having your head bang into the overhead as easily. Downside: It’s often difficult to get these seats, even if you purchase ahead.  A good rule of thumb is to purchase early, and call the airline to see if they are available.  If nothing else, check in at the gate early and request these seats if available.  Arm Room: Seats that are located in the aisle have the most arm room, because on one side is the empty aisle. Downside:  If there are passengers inboard of you it might mean you getting up repeatedly to let them out on a long lengthy trip. Sleeping: If you have first class or business class seats, it is not such an issue.  But if you are flying economy or coach class then the best seats for sleeping is the window seat.  You can jam securely a pillow into the bulkhead and the seat, and sleep fairly comfortably considering. Downside: Its hard to get access to the bathroom from the inside seat, especially on long trips. It also would be harder to get out for emergencies. Laptop/GameBoy: There is actually a site on the Internet called SeatGuru, you can check it out to find where the outlets are on different types of planes, and where to sit to be closest to a outlet on the type plane you will be flying on. You can still book online and try to get these specific seats, but it may mean following up with the airline by telephone to make sure. Downside: The airline always reserves the right to move passengers, so if possible, make sure you have extra batteries. Having Two Carry On Bags:  A good selection for seating if you have two bags is in the Aisle, and not in a bulkhead area.  Usually on most planes Row Ten is a good location.  Or, a window exit row may work for you.  By using the seat in the aisle, you will have more room for your legs. Downside: Two bags will slow you down, and may sometimes cost you a flight connection. Plus it is difficult and a pain to lug it all around.  So.. Pack light.




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