Naval Lodge Housing For Travelers

When you travel it is a good idea to try to find inexpensive housing that caters to military people. One such location is the Navy Lodge program. Do you have a last minute assignment? Are you tired of not being able to find a hotel room or being bumped at the last minute? Then perhaps you should check out the Navy Lodge option.

Naval Lodges are located around the world in forty-one different locations, and they are about thirty to forty percent cheaper than traditional hotels or motels in the same area. The rooms are priced always at or below per diem rates, and it is a welcome change from the hassle of many hotel rooms. Most Navy lodge housing is at traditional business class standards or better, and they have rooms with queen or king sized beds, desk and computer hookup (with either broadband or dialup access), a soft and task style lighting. Lodges offer other amenities as a rule such as free newspaper, coffee and sometimes a continental style breakfast. Local telephone calls are almost always free.

All rooms found at Navy Lodges are air conditioned, and most have HBO along with standard TV service. Other typical amenities include video rentals, vending machines, and laundry facilities for guests. One of the newest and most modern Navy lodges is the one located at Norfolk, Virginia. The new Norfolk Navy Lodge is a one hundred room, four-story facility that opened its doors for business on December 13th, 2007. They feature all different types of rooms, handicapped, standard, as well as family and suite style rooms. The new lodge is part of a three-phase project.

“Using Navy Lodges allows our military to access the greatest and latest in technology, comfort, and convenience, said Michael Bockelman. Bockelman is director of NEXCOM Navy Lodge Programs. The completion of Phase 1 was marked at the Norfolk site with the opening of the new one-hundred room building. Phase 2 is the planned demolition, which started recently, of the original building nearby. The original Norfolk Navy lodge was ninety rooms and two stories, and was constructed in 1971. The third and final phase of the new Norfolk Naval Lodge facility is slated for 2008 and involves remodeling the Navy Tower lodge located at the site. A new Lobby, gift shop and conference room is planned also.

The Navy Lodge is located near the Norfolk Naval Facility, which is the world’s largest active duty military base. There are many entertainment and dining options in the area, and with the opening of the Norfolk Navy Lodge, the options for the Military Servicemember traveling and needing to stay in Norfolk just got much brighter.




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