4 Smart Reasons to Join the United States Military

You’re about to graduate high school and you’re worried about the cost of a college education. And what if you manage to afford that expensive college education and then you can’t get a job? How will you pay back your student loan? What if you get a job and thanks to the economy you get laid off? What about your student loans then? Joining the military solves these problems for you.

1. Joining the military gives you the opportunity to get that education while you serve. You’ll also get education benefits in the form of programs like the GI Bill that will help pay for education once you leave active duty. Get that Master’s Degree or PhD to continue your education and your career prospects.

2. Getting laid off isn’t as big a problem for a veteran. Once you’re a veteran, there are no student loans to pay off because the military paid for your education.

3. Your retirement benefits can’t disappear. Your US military retirement benefits are guaranteed, no matter what Wall Street does.

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4. While you’re in active service, you don’t have to worry about not having a job or being laid off. The military has jobs for you.




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