3 Great Careers from Military Jobs

Military jobs prepare you for life and work like no other jobs. While you’re learning your trade and skill to prepare for your career, you’re also learning how to survive, how to use self-discipline and how to be part of a team. So it’s no surprise that there are some civilian and government jobs that love to hire veterans.

The obvious choice, if you enjoy the military life and the discipline, and you can follow and give orders, is law enforcement. There’s always a need for law enforcement workers.

Local Law Enforcement

Once you leave military jobs, you could pursue a career in your local police force. Your military training and background applies perfectly to a local law enforcement job. Police training isn’t easy, but shouldn’t pose a problem for you since you survived military boot camp.

Federal Law Enforcement

You can apply for federal law enforcement training after your military career. The FBI and CIA are full of ex-military, and the ATF is also a good place to apply your military training. You could start in local law enforcement and then work up to federal jobs.

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Criminal Justice Career

You can go into almost any type of criminal justice career with ease after military jobs.




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Are there jobs in the military that do not require boot camp or going overseas?

military dot image larryf    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

There are selective jobs that may not require you to go overseas, but all branches of the military have some type of ‘boot camp’. Including officers.

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