Aerial Vehicle Reveals Tactical Area

4th Infantry Utilizes Unmanned Aircraft For Security Camp Taji Knowing the world around you is important in being able to provide effective security against intruders. Well being able to effectively view the world has taken on a new meaning with the advent of a new aerial surveillance system.

Soldiers of Company A, 3rd Brigade Combat Team are helping provide intelligence with the new Tactical Unmanned Aerial System. The new system is called the Shadow 200 RQ7B, and is an unmanned aerial drone.

Some of the platoon members of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team work in the Tactical Ops Center, and monitor the incoming video information from the Shadow vehicle, while others are at the recovery and launch site.

What is occurring here is not a traditional UAS type operation, said Chief Warrant Officer Antonio Mitchell. Mitchell is the UAS platoon Operations chief. We are normally a UAS who works directly for its brigade, said Mitchell. There are several different brigades in Baghdad, and headquarters officials decide which brigade gets to use the UAS unit depending on the mission involved.

The division officials determine where the UAS aerial vehicle can be used the best and then assign it to an area to be used. Soldiers can utilize the services of the UAS unit depending on what they want to accomplish. They may be looking at an area to monitor it, or searching for IED, weapons and other explosive devices.

We can observe an area before tasking soldiers to go out on foot and make sure the areas is safe, said Officer Mitchell. With a birds eye view it is easier to keep troops safe and makes for a greater chance of mission success.




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