4 Reasons for Choosing the Navy Reserve

The Navy Reserve is designed to be a force of men and women that are highly trained and made available for when the Navy has expanded needs. Here are four benefits associated with choosing the Navy Reserve over another branch of the military.

# 1 – Most men and women that serve in the Navy Reserve only serve part time over the span of a weekend a month as well as during one two-week long period known as AT or Annual Training.

# 2 – Many people join the Navy Reserve because it offers competitive pay and benefits without requiring the same full time commitment. This makes the Navy Reserve a good option for people that have full time careers as well.

# 3 – Many people join the Navy Reserve because it offers a wide variety of different programs for members including educational benefits, life insurance and free health care as well.

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# 4 – Above all else, many men and women that join the Navy Reserve do so simply because they want to serve their country in the best way possible.




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