Joint Mission Delivers Medical Care

Supplies Distributed Along With Assistance In Rebuilding Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan

Coalition Advisors working with National Security and Afghanistan Army forces provided humanitarian aid, and some medical checkups to over one hundred villagers near Khorma recently.

Villagers were examined medically, treated, and received aid in the Train Kowt district of Oruzgan province, Afghanistan on January 6th. Elders from the villages came out and visited with troops, and shared needs and suggestions on how troops could render aid.

Word of the humanitarian aid spread swiftly, and villagers got into well ordered lines fast. Some of them just need supplies; others required medical care and supplies too.

Elders in each village were given the supplies, and then distributed them to the villagers, while troops unloaded a trailer that was full of vitamins, food, medical supplies and medicines. There was winter clothing, shoes, boots, jackets and sweaters. Families also received bowls, soap, lotion, infant formula and toothbrushes and toothpaste, according to the needs of each family.

We receive the grateful thanks of each of the village elders, they were very glad for the help the Afghan security forces brought, said one coalition soldier. We were also thanked for our medical supplies and medical assistance, said the soldier.

Afghanistan National Police provided security for the humanitarian mission and for the village. The National Police also gave pens, notebooks, pencils, donated radios, and rugs as gifts. We are pleased to see the villagers relating to us so well, said one policeman. They say they feel safe with us here now, stated the Policeman.




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