2 Qualities You Need to Become a Navy Seal

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a Navy Seal, you should look within yourself to see if you’re really ready to give your all.

1. Strength. You have to be strong to be a Navy Seal. Your muscles can be built up to be stronger than ever, but it’s not just physical strength and endurance that you’ll need. You have to have strength of character and strength of commitment in order to make it as a Navy Seal. The good news is that you need these things to be in the Navy or the Marines. So if you make it into the service, then you have these qualities. But Navy Seals need them even more.

2. Courage. You can be afraid when you’re on a mission, or you’re in a survival situation. Fearlessness and courage is simply the ability to recognize the fear and not let it rule you or keep you from doing what’s needed.

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hi ! im ready to join the navy. Can you have someone contact me? i live in chicago illinois.USA 60634, ,y home phone # is 773-205-5364 thank you.

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