3 Financial Reasons to Join the Army

People join the Army for many reasons. They want to serve their country, learn discipline and be the best citizens that they can. But there are also sound financial reasons for joining the Army.

1. The cost of a college education can be near $100,000 or higher, depending on the university you plan to attend. You can get most if not all of your college education paid for when you join the Army. Your education will be covered while you’re in the service, and once you’re out the GI Bill and other programs will help pay for more education.

2. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing, with insurance companies charging more and more and covering less and less. You’ll never have to worry about the cost of healthcare or health insurance again if you join the Army. You’ll automatically have a lifetime healthcare plan courtesy of the US government.

3. Your housing costs are completely covered or mostly covered when you join the Army. It costs nothing to live on an Army base. But if you choose to live off-base, you can get a monthly allowance to help cover the cost of your housing.

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