3 Top Reasons to Join the US Air Force

1. Air Force Jobs: When you join the Air Force, you may be able to take pilot training, work on aircraft, learn about experimental aircraft before anyone else, work as an air traffic controller, work on computer systems and many other integral Air Force jobs. These jobs can get you top civilian jobs when you leave the service or lead to a satisfying lifelong career in the military.

2. Healthcare: When you join the Air Force or any branch of the United States military, your healthcare costs and needs are covered. Even if you don’t stay active in the military your whole life, you have lifelong healthcare benefits from the Air Force. You can’t lose these benefits like you can with a regular job and health insurance, when you leave that job. Once you’re in the military, you’re taken care of.

3. Education: Join the Air Force and you can get a top notch education. You can take college course while you in service, and use the GI Bill and other benefits to pay for your education once you’re discharged.

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