Night Time Mission Installs Protection

Barriers Erected During Dark Emplacement Support Operations Camp Liberty Many different types of barriers have been used in operations in Iraq. Recently, barriers that are similar to ones found dividing highways in the United States were placed in crucial support positions around Camp Liberty.

These concrete barriers are considerably larger however, than the ones found along highways. And these barriers are able to interlock together.

The barriers are designed to help secure and protect different roads leading into and out of neighborhoods, and are large enough to divert vehicles where Iraqi Security Forces can inspect them.

Company A, 2nd Battalion, 32nd Field Artillery Regiment was involved in placing the barriers. The soldiers also used night vision glasses, and forklifts, to help install the barriers and provide security during the installation. Barriers were also placed at strategic locations as trash gathering points.

We are helping reduce all the challenges that these people have, said Sgt Jesse Veeser, with Company A, 526th BSB. They have had to overcome a lot to even feel safe, and the more we can do to help them the better. They have so much more to put up with ,you have to respect that, said Sgt. Veeser.

The gesture of good will in placing the barriers is not lost on the Iraqi people. Each time a new set of barriers is set up, the citizens come out and interact with the soldiers, and help decide the best placement. They come out and talk to the guys and tell us exactly where to put it, said Sgt. Veeser.




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