Four Things Army Jobs Can Do for You Now

1. Army jobs will give you valuable work experience. When you’ve worked an Army job, that experience makes you valuable to civilian employers.

2. Army jobs will teach you discipline. While you might get written up in a civilian job and frowned on by co-workers, an army job will teach you that discipline, timeliness and total commitment isn’t optional. Employers know that people who have served in the United States military are disciplined and committed in everything that they do.

3. Army jobs will teach you integrity. When you’re in the Army, your ethics and integrity may be tested and challenged frequently. When your fellow soldiers put their safety and lives in your hands on missions, you learn integrity, responsibility and the value of trust and teamwork.

4. Army jobs will teach you that excellence can be a way of life. The Army will give you a unique perspective on life and work. You’ll come out knowing that there are no small jobs, and that everything you do, no matter how insignificant you might think it is, is an important part of the big picture.

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