Benefits of National Guard Jobs

If you join the National Guard, you get the same military benefits as those in other branches like the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. You get education benefits, healthcare and retirement benefits that come with being a part of those serving actively in the military. But you get to serve part time. You’ll devote on weekend a month to your training. You’ll also need to spend two weeks in the summer time devoted to intensive training. But you get to stay living in your home, wherever it may be. You don’t need to relocate to a base or near a base. And you’ll also stay in your civilian job, if you wish.

You may be deployed for a tour of duty just as anyone in another branch of the military. But barring that, you have the choice to serve part time. And you can make a career of National Guard service and work in National Guard jobs full time. So with the National Guard, you do have choices.

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Child of NightNovember 12, 2011No, it’s stupid. This whole thing about Americore or bilidung a large paramilitary is dumb. If politicians will just open their eyes and realize that THEY are the ones stretching the military out, they will realize that THEY have to change a few things. The military is doing what they are supposed to do. Now they are getting the backhand by Obama saying we can no longer rely on our military . What the hell do you want them to do? Did you hear about that mandatory volunteer crap with Americore? Damn Me, I’m already going to join the Army after High School so I won’t have to worry about this Americorps crap. But to tell you the truth, if my kids don’t want to serve, I won’t force em, and yes, I will fight the government on that. Unless it’s a draft, I WILL fight.

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