3 Reasons for Joining the Marines

1. The Marines are some of the most respected soldiers in the world. You’ve seen the slogans about “The Few, the Proud, the Marines.” It takes a special kind of soldier to be a Marine. Marines are often the first soldiers on land in a mission. They’re transported on Navy ships and they’re the ones that go from ship to shore and lead the way.

2. The Marines are actually a part of the United States Navy. That means that if you join the Marines, you can try for the training to become a Navy Seal, one of the most highly trained, elite fighting forces in the US military and in the world. Seals were the first soldiers in Afghanistan after 9/11. You’re a leader if you’re a Marine, but go on to become a Navy Seal, and you’ll lead the leaders.

3. You’ll get the amazing financial benefits of joining the military when you join the Marines. Healthcare, education, housing, retirement, military discounts and more are yours when you become a Marine. And no matter how bad the economy might be you don’t lose your benefits.

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