Choosing Between Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force Jobs

You want to join the military, but which branch do you choose? This can be a difficult choice. While the military benefits are almost the same between each branch, the types of training you’ll have and the experiences you’ll have will be quite different.

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The Navy and Marines spend a lot of time sea training. Diving, swimming, water survival and water rescues are stressed in these branches. Ship travel, including nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers are focuses of the Navy, while the Marines are essentially a ground fighting force that arrives via Navy carriers. The Air Force is of course chiefly air based, and for those with a love of flying, this could be the right decision. The Army is chiefly ground based, and is the largest branch of the US military.

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking, ground, water, air. Most people will train on everything from diving to parachuting from an airplane. Air travel is necessary for all branches, and ground combat is taught to everyone. Simply choose the focus you’d prefer, and request your free, no obligation information today. The most important decision isn’t which branch you choose, but that you choose to join the military to secure your future.

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